PolitiFit Mobile App

There are two types of people: those that exercise and those that do not. In the group of those that do not, what is preventing them from working out? Most people are busy now a days, but it's not just a busy schedule that prevents people from exercising and increasing their fitness levels. What would motivate them to workout? This project was to design and app that would help people that wanted to increase their fitness levels to hit their exercising goals.

Parking Meter Re-Design

The parking meters in Ann Arbor are notoriously finicky. While the mobile app has a good user experience, the tangible meters themselves can be difficult and frustrating to use. I decided to collect feedback from users on their experiences using the parking meters and redesigned both the physical machine as well as the screen. While in a perfect world the machines would be completely replaced, the redesign of the screens would be an easier to implement option.

Eat More Plants Mobile App

I think that people should eat more plants rather than animal products. It is better for the animals and the planet and can be better for your health as well. But how to encourage others to eat more plant-based meals? This is my passion project. I'm going to take this question and explore it using design thinking and user experience design techniques. This project will be updated as I make progress, so check back often or sign-up for my newsletter to find out the latest.
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