Connected Factory Global

Connected Factory Global (CFG) is a professional research and data intelligence firm helping small and medium-sized manufacturers succeed in “Industry 4.0,” the fourth industrial revolution of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Out of Sight Designs helped CFG express its leading edge corporate identity with a simple, clean and modern brand that can be customized for future brand expansions and is supported by a WordPress website featuring a blog.

Markoff Law

Founded in 1980, Markoff Law is a full service Creditors Rights and Debt Collection Law Firm. Excellence, honesty, and integrity are the founding principles of the firm and their clients vary in size and sophistication from large financial institutions and municipalities to small businesses and professional service providers. To reflect the firm’s values and its ability to service a wide range of clients, Out of Sight Designs created a customized WordPress website design that included the functionality and visual style needed, while working within the firm’s existing brand design and color scheme.

Danielle Peleg Gallery

Danielle Peleg Art Gallery, was founded in 1979, and features artists from around the world and throughout America including the local Michigan area. To help the gallery establish its presence on the Web and showcase its artists, Out of Sight Designs customized a WordPress theme to incorporate artist gallery functionality and a distinct visual style that complemented the existing logo design and color scheme.

Charisma Ink

Charisma Ink is a marketing, public relations and digital communications firm located in Saline, Michigan. Out of Sight Designs partnered with Charisma Ink to establish a brand that is simple and professional while still being modern and engaging.

In addition to logo development, we helped Charisma Ink launch a WordPress website that promotes their services and includes a blog and client portfolio functionality.

Sow Fresh Market

Sow Fresh Market is a family owned and operated farm market. During Michigan’s peak growing season, they’re proud to offer a large variety of homegrown fruits and vegetables raised on their family farm in Southeast Michigan.

Out of Sight Designs helped Sow Fresh from the ground up, establishing a brand and logo for their company which is modern yet homey. We carried the brand through to WordPress website incorporating a blog and recipe box functionality which they can easily update.

CPA for Freelancers

When CPA for Freelancers® launched its brand and website, it didn’t want to be your typical boring tax and accounting business. This fit perfectly with Out of Sight Designs’ unique design sensibilities and the fun illustrated style that has become the company’s trademark was born.

We created the calculator logo, customized a WordPress theme to incorporate the functionality and visual style that the client was looking for, and set up the blog. We also created a coordinating email template design and print flyers.

Ann Arbor Eclectic Enthusiasts

If you live in the Ann Arbor area and are looking for a group of people who share your interests, look no further than Ann Arbor Eclectic Enthusiasts (A2E2).  For such an eclectic group, Out of Sight Designs was able to pour its creative talents into developing a fun and unique logo with nods to some of the core passions of the group, namely science fiction, fantasy, board gaming, role-playing gaming, and movies! The shield with the group’s initials acts a simpler form of the logo for profile pictures and avatars, while the full logo works well as a banner for their Facebook page.


Power2Perform is a technique skating school owned and operated by figure skater, Kelly Evans, located in Boise, Idaho. When Kelly launched her business, Out of Sight Designs completed a branding hat trick—designing a logo, a custom illustration (for the silhouette of the hockey player) and a simple WordPress website incorporating an online registration form.

Tammy’s Tastings

Tammy’s Tastings is a fun foodie company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. When Tammy sought us out to help her establish an appetizing, sleek and professional brand for her company, we were able to incorporate a little fun into the logo which includes a martini. Once the Tammy’s Tasting’s brand was established, Out of Sight Designs built a WordPress website featuring an events calendar and online registration functionality with PayPal processing.

Room Service Interior Design

When Terry Ellis, owner of Room Service Interior Design in Troy, Michigan needed to showcase his is the full service interior design studio and green design consultation services, Out of Sight helped him not once—but twice. Back in the days before WordPress became the web platform of choice for small businesses, we created an HTML and CSS site for Terry. When he needed an updated web design using WordPress, we worked together again. We rounded out the brand refresh with design for a printed rack card, business card and a stationery set.